The jungle book

Who doesn’t know the extraordinary coming of age story of Mowgli,a child abondoned in the jungle and rared by animals ?


A lost baby in the hostile jungle,Mowgli is luckily adopted by a pack of wolvesand brought up under the watchful eye of Bagherra,the Black Panther.

Together with Baloo,the teacher and happy-go-lucky bear,Bagherra teaches the young boy about the virtues that are the basis to grow up and to become a man : independence ,responsibility ,friendship ,solidarity,tolerance and honesty.

But the jungle is full of dangers: Kaa,the mocking and crafty snake, and above all Khan,the menacing tiger,are never far away…







Tour available from now

  • Performed at the Théâtre de paris,Winter 2006/2007 still running
  • Running time:1h10
  • Already seen by an audience of more than 100.000
  • A nationwide tour in FRANCE(Zentiths and theatres) but also abroad



“A sspectacle that will delight both children and adults.A musical tale full of the magic of christmas.”  (Télérama – December,2007)

“About 10 leaping and twirling performers who car the youngest children in an enchanting whirl of emotion .” (Le Progrès,Lyon edition- January 2008)


March 8 @ 09:50