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When Jeanne Deschaux and Serge Tapierman met,it sparked a desire to undertake major projects together.

Since their first entertainment YUCAPATA,the two partners have gone from success to success,without a single false note.

In n 2005,NONNESENS,a wacky burlesque comedy,appeared for five months at the DEJAZET Theatre in Paris.

The accolade comes in September 2005 with UN VIOLENT SUR LE TOIT (a Fiddler on the roof),considered as one of the biggest private productions of the year.Many shows were sold out.The production won three prizes at the Béziers musical Festival in 2006,including best musical.That same year,A Fiddler on the Roof was nominated twice at the MOLIERES awards ceremony.

In the same vein as the Broadway musicals,BONUS PRODUCTIONS creates big shows for families.

In 2007,ALADIN sets the scene for success and propelled BONUS PRODUCTIONS to the centre stage at the Palais des Congrès of Paris.La Petite Sirène(The Little Mermaid) sails on the same sea waters and will appear at the legendary Olympia concert hall at the end of 2008.

Finallly,the successful adaptation of Grease will allow the nomination of “best musical” for the globes de crystal 2009.

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